RECHTOCUP 2019 will again take place at AALBORG STADIONHAL, where we as usual will be playing matches in HAL 1 and HAL 2.


Aalborg Stadionhal
Harald Jensens Vej 7-9
9000 Aalborg


The tournament schedule 2019 is :


Saturday 02 Feb.:  
Hal 1: 08:00 - ??:??
Hal 2: 08:00 - ??:??
Sunday 03 Feb.: Hal 1: ??:?? - ??:??  

The dinner-party Saturday evening will as usual take place in HAL 1 from 7.00 pm till 1.00am, and the band
"SIGNE & THE SIGNS" will be entertaining during dinner and of course afterwards for the dancing, as always.



During the dinner Saturday evening, wardrobe will be available in HAL 2.

Please note that the wardrobe is unattended, and use of the wardrobe is at guests own risk.

It will appear from the tournament schedule that all preliminary matches are played in both Hal 1 and 2,
whereas all matches in the finals will be played Sunday in Hal 1.


We take the liberty here to thank all the companies/sponsors, that have contributed with either sponsor gifts
or financial sponsorship.


This has been a tradition for many years and certainly is one that we would like to keep, so again - THANK YOU.