Guide to navigation on the website.

A description of the main functions of this website is listed below.

1. Navigation
The drop down menus at the top of the site are used to navigate around the site. When the mouse moves over the menu point, a drop-down will appear and sub-menus will appear if/when more menus are available . As the mouse travels down to one of the menu points it will change colour and the relevant page can be chosen by clicking the mouse. 

2. Registration / Payment
Registration procedure has been changed and is no longer online. Instead you can now only register by following the below steps:

Send an email to: and enter in either subject or body of email: 

Request registration form.
Upon receipt of email, we shall soonest forward registration from (excel sheet), which you are required to fill in and return to us by email.

2.c: Once we have received your registration, this will be validated and converted to your confirmation/invoice and then returned to you together with payment-information.

2.d: Your registration has been entered, but will only be valid upon receipt of payment in full.

3. Game plan
This menu point will be updated soonest after we have received all team-registrations. Note that registration must be made latest 08 Jan 2019. We expect to be able to publish all groups of the 3 leagues and a completed
game plan by beginning of week 5/2019. All companies participating with teams will receive an email with information, once the gameplan is available here on the website.

NOTE: You are all kindly requested to take prints of your relevant schedules, as no programme will be issued or available during the tournament.

Upon completion of RECHTOCUP 2019, we will update with finalist group participants and pictures of the winners.

5. Contact.
Should you have any questions to the above or other questions regarding RECHTOCUP, please feel free to contact one of the persons mentioned under the menupoint 'CONTACTS'.